Larry Conner

Guitar and Lead/Harmony vocals. Major Influences: Osborne Bros., Flatt and Scruggs, New Grass Revival, J.D. Crowe, Tony Rice, parking lot picking at Sunset Park in Pennsylvania and Watermelon Park in Virginia. 

Born in Baltimore, grew up in Perry Hall Maryland. Larry started playing guitar at age 10.  Coming from a family whose roots are from the Floyd County area of Virginia, it was natural for him to learn Bluegrass and old time music at an early age. His father played guitar, banjo, and sang along with his brother, uncles, cousins, and other relatives including his grandmother.  Larry has played Bluegrass with local musicians and family members throughout his entire life. You can find his efforts at the early age of 18 singing with the Floyd County Boys and then The Conner Brothers Band along with his cousins Tommy, Mickey, and John Conner on two of their albums.  For many years, Larry continued to develop his guitar chops playing country and country rock with the Baltimore based band Dakota until 2010 when he teamed up with Bill Runkle and Smith Hollow.  In early 2017, Larry became a member of The Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition doing what comes naturally; picking bluegrass guitar and singing high lonesome songs.

Roger Green

Band leader, Mandolin, Guitar and Lead/Harmony Vocals.  Major bluegrass influences: Reno & Smiley, Flatt & Scruggs, Jim & Jesse, Country Gentlemen. 

Born in Washington DC, grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Roger started playing guitar and bluegrass at age 10.  In his early teens and through high school, he played banjo and formed his first bluegrass band, The Mink Hollow Boys with high school buddies.  Shortly after, Roger began playing mandolin and for a short time performed with Emerson & Waldron.  During a tour of duty in the Air Force, Roger picked with Mac & Hazel McGee who later went on to form the popular New England band,  White Mountain Bluegrass.  After being transferred Roger worked with a Montgomery, Alabama band called the Wry Grass Medicine Show.  Following military service,  Roger then picked with local Washington DC bands, Leon Morris & Associates, Destination Bluegrass, None of The Above and Ritchie Reunion.  In the early 1990's Roger switched back to guitar and formed a new group with Tom Gray & Fred Travers called the Gray, Green & Travers Trio.  After Fred left to join the Seldom Scene, Roger started working with pickup musicians under the name of Roger & The Real Good Pickers until finally starting the Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition.  With Annapolis Bluegrass,  Roger sings lead and harmony vocals and writes most of the bands original material. 

Band Biography

Jim Duvall

Bass Fiddle.  Major bluegrass influences: Jim & Jesse, Seldom  Scene, Country Gazette

Born in Washington DC, grew up in Burtonsville, Maryland.   Jim Duvall plays acoustic bass fiddle with the Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition.  He is the band’s metronome and does a very good job of keeping everyone honest when it comes to timing.  Although no stranger to music, Annapolis Bluegrass is Jim’s first stint as a bluegrasser and acoustic bass player.  His musical background goes back more than thirty years and includes clarinet, electric guitar in a Motown band called Louie & the Uptights, and much more recently electric bass for a top 40s country band called Southern  Pride.  Jim’s addition to Annapolis Bluegrass provides a dynamic to the overall sound of the band, by providing a fresh perspective on the traditional songs and innovation for the bands original compositions.  Occasionally during non-vocal songs, Jim will take a solo break on his bass to the delight and amazement of the audience.  He plays an S-Model Kay bass, the perfect instrument for the lower registers of bluegrass music.  

Terry Wittenberg

Banjo and Lead/Tenor/High Baritone Vocals. Major bluegrass influences: Bill Emerson, Ben Eldridge

Born in Baltimore, MD & raised in Silver Spring, MD, Terry started his musical interest at age 7 with guitar. During his high school years, Terry played rock guitar and was heavily influence by the early blues recordings of Eric Clapton. He was also a fan of country singer Buck Owens and learned how to sing tenor by emulating Buck's tenor singer, Don Rich.  Terry was introduced to bluegrass during an evening at the Red Fox Inn, where he saw Bill Emerson playing banjo, and he knew right then that banjo was what he wanted to play. Going full steam into bluegrass, he was a founding member of the popular Washington DC group, None of the Above. He also played with Southgate and Overland Express. Later he fronted his own band, NewGrass Effect.  Terry is frequently called on to fill in with different bluegrass bands, and occasionally would work with the Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition. In spring of 2014, Terry became a member of Annapolis Bluegrass. He brings a new dynamic to the Annapolis Bluegrass vocal mix that includes lead, tenor and high baritone. He contributes significantly to the hard driving sound that Annapolis Bluegrass is noted for and has a keen sense of originality in his approach to the banjo. Terry also has a unique capability of recognizing songs from different genre's that will fit well into bluegrass. The tunes and songs that he introduces to the band helps keep the Annapolis Bluegrass repertoire fresh, relevant and exciting.

Mike Hartnett

Fiddle.  Major bluegrass influences: Howard Forrester, Kenny Baker.   

Born in Baltimore Maryland and raised in Chase Maryland, Mike started playing at age 12.  His early age musical influence was from his father, also Mike Hartnett, who played old time fiddle.  Mike brings over 30 years of fiddle experience with him adding a new dimension to the overall sound of the band.  His style is mostly in the traditional bluegrass vane, but he also draws from the more eclectic as well as old timey fiddle.  Mike’s first bluegrass band was Overland Express and he stayed with them from 1978 until the early 1980s.  He then did a stint with the long standing and well known Patent Pending band and then moved on to a group known as the Lawson Brothers until the late eighties. Mike also played with other local bands such as Dean Sapp and Harford Express throughout the eighties and then reconnected with former Overland Express members in the popular Blue Daze  Band.  Other bands of note that Mike was a part of includes Shiloh Ridge from the York Pennsylvania area and Blue Train.  He is also much in demand as a fill in musician for groups such as Foggy Hollow and Across The Track.  With all his experience, Mike has a wealth of stories and anecdotes regarding the bluegrass scene in and around the Baltimore area.  In August 2015, Mike became a member of Annapolis Bluegrass and we are very pleased and fortunate to have Mike as a permanent member.